“Joining CIC has created a space in my life for understanding and connections.

Originally, I wasn’t sure how exactly joining the group would help me. Until I attended a few meetings and listened to other situations that sounded like mine. The experiences offered to the families continue to improve our lives.

My nephew was offered the opportunity to run a marathon and receive free running shoes. He is now an avid runner and actually received a gold and bronze medal in the 2023 city finals. 

In addition the group provided an opportunity for a free week at camp. With hesitation we allowed him to attend. Our family for several generations never did camp. He was the first one to attend camp in our family. Not only did he enjoy camp, he’s already talking about next year! 

The friendships and conversations are truly beneficial to the process of healing. Recently, I attended a full day of facilitator training. Excited to see where this journey leads myself and our group.”

-A CIC Caregiver

Angel Tree Gift Drive

In 2023, CIC partnered with Mercy Vineyard Church on an Angel Tree Gift Drive. Caregivers who received Christmas presents through Angel Tree shared their gratitude:

“Angel Tree you are truly appreciated. This year your gifts truly uplifted our family. Your kindness and compassion will always be remembered. Thank you so very much.”

“The gifts received from Mercy Vineyard Church were a beautiful blessing this Christmas. My daughter received a pink hoodie and a super cool book about Women and Basketball. On Christmas day as we drove up north to see my grandma, she read some of this book to me. It’s a memory that wouldn’t have been created without the Angel Tree gift! We are soooo grateful!”

“She was very excited and loves the gifts! We are grateful for this and took the extra stress off of me as a parent. Thank you so much.”

“My kids enjoyed their gifts from angel tree. They were very excited and happy to receive their gifts. Angle tree and you all has been a blessing and help for me and the kids. Me and the boys are filled with happiness and gratitude for the gifts and kindness.”

“I told the kids the gifts were from their dad/uncle and they were so thrilled that he did that for them and loved telling him all about what they got. It was a wonderful binding experience between them and will continue to be as they read the books to their Dad/Uncle each evening and play with the toys he got them through you. Thank you so much for making this possible!”

“We really appreciate the gifts and was very grateful. My daughter got a comforter set which she loves with some bathroom rugs. I got caribou coffee gift card which I’ve been using on my way to class. Again thank you for all you do for my family.”

“My daughter loved her gifts! She was very excited to see a Hello Kitty stuffed animal and shirt, and wore it the very next day! I am very grateful for the gift card as well, and plan to use it soon. This helped make our Christmas extra special.”

The Angel Tree Gift Drive is open to families in the CIC network who have sent a youth to camp, participated in family camp, or attended at least three Caregiver Council meetings within the last year.