Our Mission

Our mission is to research, identify, and implement solutions to enhance the lives of children affected by a parent’s incarceration.

In response to the harmful effects of mass parental incarceration on children and their communities, Children of Incarcerated Caregivers (CIC) researches and disseminates information to policy makers, legal professionals, and community representatives to support the evidence-based creation of policies, laws, and programs that promote the best interests of the child in relation to parental or caregiver incarceration.

Using applied research, we aim to reduce the number of parents sent to prisons and jails. We urge those working in the Minnesota legal system to consider the child-parent relationship during sentencing and advocate for alternatives to separating children from parents. We provide legal professionals with resources to support systematic consideration of the best interests of the child during sentencing and other hearings including bond, probation violation, and parole hearings. 

We directly support the development and well-being of children impacted by a parent’s incarceration by connecting families with resources, information, and opportunities. We raise funds to provide free enrichment opportunities to children that are facilitated by our community partners, such as the YMCA.