India: Making Child Protection Everyone’s Business with Dr. Smita Dharmamer of Aangan Trust and Mallika Setalvad (Episode 6)

In this episode, Barbara Frey sits down with Dr. Smita Dharmamer, the Associate Director of Children in State Care at Aangan Trust India, and Mallika Setalvad, a citizen volunteer at the Nanhe Kadam Balwadi creche in Mumbai. Dr. Dharmamer explains how Aangan Trust, a child protection organization, has evolved to work directly with children living in prison with their caregivers. Drawing on Aangan Trust’s deep-rooted commitment to working within the system and communities, Dr. Dharmamer delves into the recent advancements in the use of prison creches and nurseries across India. Through a collaborative approach between nonprofits, correctional facilities, and citizen volunteers, Aangan Trust has spearheaded the establishment of nurseries and creches that not only serve the children of incarcerated individuals but also the children of prison guards. Finally, Setalvad provides an account of her hands-on experience as a citizen volunteer at the Nanhe Kadam Balwadi creche, offering invaluable insights into her role and emphasizing the conditions and practices that should be given precedence to best support the children in these units.

International Prison Nursery Podcast
International Prison Nursery Podcast
India: Making Child Protection Everyone's Business with Dr. Smita Dharmamer of Aangan Trust and Mallika Setalvad (Episode 6)


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