Life Talks with Kamyala Howard

A Four-Part Video Series to Support Black and Brown Families

In the wake of George Floyd’s murder, children across the country are asking questions, watching their communities grieve, and trying to make sense of the world. Parents of Black and brown children are forced to start preparing their children for how to deal with racial biases as early as preschool. Their children do not have the privilege to be protected from police brutality and other racially discriminatory acts.

Many parents struggle to find the words to talk to their children about race, racism, protesting, and police violence. Because children have more access to social media, YouTube, and other media outlets, most have been exposed to these issues and are asking questions. It is important that racial messages come from their caregivers and not the media.

“Life Talks” helps parents process their own racialized trauma so they are better prepared to teach their children how to navigate racial experiences in society. This series provides culturally reflective support that families can use to help their children address the trauma of racism. The intent is to establish a healthy sense of self-worth and cultural identity through literature that depicts positive representations of the community.

Episode 1: Preparing for Hard Conversation
Helping parents/caregivers process the emotional wounds of racial trauma

Episode 2: Preparing for Biases and Building a Healthy Sense of Self in Children
Building a healthy sense of self and cultural identity

Episode 3: The Day to Day Experience of Brown and Black Bodied People
A multi-ethnic conversation about racism

Episode 4: Dismantling the Us vs. Them
A discussion with police officers and social workers

About Kamyala Howard

Kamyala Howard MSW, LCSW is a CIC board member, a licensed mental health practitioner, and the founder of WE’RE DIVINE consulting, a Black-owned company that facilitates training and consulting on diversity, equity, racialized trauma, privilege, power, and oppression. Ms. Howard is a licensed mental health practitioner certified in a range of evidence-based practices and training methodologies. She received her graduate degree from the University of Minnesota with special emphasis on cultural studies, family systems, leadership and direct clinical behavioral health. She has over 15 years of result-driven experience as a leader, developing innovative programs that cultivate communities and create culturally responsive practice. Her experienced-based learning assesses one’s readiness for change, increases personal accountability, dismantles barriers, and builds intercultural relations. She believes in making a difference one day at a time.