NorthPoint Health & Wellness Center


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NorthPoint Health & Wellness Center

NorthPoint Health & Wellness Center is a health and human service organization located in the heart of North Minneapolis. Their services address the physical, mental, and social needs of the community. They combine healthcare and community support services, both of which are offered to individuals of all ages and backgrounds. NorthPoint understands the importance of developing personal relationships with the individuals they care for in addition to providing excellent clinical and community support. Collectively, their programs create a one-stop shop for mental and physical wellness. 

NorthPoint’s human services, along with the personal interest their staff take in each patient, sets them apart from other healthcare organizations. Their programs include a community food shelf, lifestyle and career coaching, and resources specifically for youth, pregnant women, and African American men. Case managers are available through many of these programs to help individuals identify their goals and plan for the future on a dedicated, individual basis. NorthPoint connects people with case managers that specialize in whichever program or need they originally express, but case managers are able to bridge the full range of client needs and NorthPoint services. Anyone seeking assistance at NorthPoint will be connected with however many resources they need, through case management or otherwise.

The African American Men’s Project (AAMP) is one of NorthPoint’s unique community support programs. Like all of their services, it is designed to lift up the community by addressing underlying conditions that may contribute to personal challenges. The program serves African American men in the community, giving them a structured setting to focus on overcoming personal and systemic barriers to employment, housing, and generally moving forward toward their goals. As individuals work on their primary goals they are connected with the appropriate case managers and services through NorthPoint or externally, if necessary. This reflects NorthPoint’s commitment to service integration and providing individuals with stability on multiple levels. 

Other NorthPoint services include the Nia Program for youth, and the Group Violence Intervention Project — also known as Project L.I.F.E. (Lifestyle Intervention for Empowerment).

The Nia Program is designed for youth that are involved in the juvenile justice system. Youth receive case managers who help with goal planning, with the ultimate goal of not reoffending. Northpoint aims to provide them with positive role models within their own communities and to support them over the course of their growth and development toward positive goals. There is no end date for their support services, meaning individuals can continue to receive care from NorthPoint for as long as they choose.

Project L.I.F.E. uses similar programming to assist individuals who identify as being involved in a gang. Participants are directed to resources and clinical services to help them tackle imminent crises happening in their lives and communities.

The clinical side of NorthPoint spans primary care, addiction treatment, prenatal care, dental, eye care, radiology, pharmacy, and mental health. More detailed information on these services is available on their website. 

NorthPoint provides care to individuals and families in all financial situations. They accept most insurance plans and help with benefits enrollment. They also offer income-based discounts and help individuals and families with payment plans that work with their unique situations.

NorthPoint is a resource for anyone in the community looking for support. They serve people of all ages, backgrounds, and financial situations, helping them face all kinds of challenges with the best possible resources at their disposal. Their staff specializes in supporting African American men, youth who are struggling, and anyone looking to improve their overall health and stability. If there is a service that NorthPoint cannot provide, they will identify and connect with an organization that can.

To learn more about NorthPoint’s range of services please visit their website, northpointhealth.orgInterested individuals should call the clinic (612-543-2500) or the human services department (612-767-9500) to access community programming or clinical care. Callers will be referred to the appropriate department by NorthPoint staff. NorthPoint human services is open to walk-ins Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. 

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