Our Mission

In support of our vision, CIC will give presentations to judges and lawyers to increase their awareness, capacity, and willingness to incorporate consideration of the best interests of the child into their sentencing practices.

We will provide research to, and advocate with, policymakers to adopt a new statutory scheme that will provide alternatives to incarceration for parents in appropriate cases.

We will also advocate with decision-makers to amend policies to promote the creation of programs designed to maximize the potential for incarcerated caregivers to return to the community as successful members and parents.

To improve evidenced-based policymaking around sentencing and incarceration, we will collaborate with the university committee in the production of relevant and timely research.

Finally, we will also consult and collaborate with other local, national, and international society organizations working on related issues in order to share resources, minimize the duplication of efforts, and to leverage support for our mission.