Our Mission

CIC will build community awareness of issues facing children whose parents are incarcerated or otherwise involved in the criminal justice system.

CIC will give presentations to judges, lawyers, and other working in the Minnesota criminal justice system to increase their awareness of the law, which allows for the consideration of the child-parent connection in sentencing decisions.

CIC will provide scholarly data to increase the willingness of judges and lawyers, when appropriate, to consider the child-parent relationship as grounds for a dispositional departure to a community based program in lieu of a prison sentence.

CIC will advocate for a new statutory scheme that specifically provides for the best interests of a child to be considered before every sentencing hearing.

CIC will use its resources to encourage development of greater community-based alternatives to prison, designed to maximize the potential for a parent’s successful participation in the lives of their children and the community.

CIC will work with decision makers to promote the creation of programs that benefit children whose parents are incarcerated or facing incarceration.

We will work with high level academic researchers to produce relevant and timely information to guide our evidence-based advocacy.

CIC will consult with and learn from the community affected by incarceration, as well as from other local, national, and international organizations working on similar issues, in order to advocate for relevant policies and programs, to share resources, to minimize duplication of efforts, and to leverage support for our mission.