Resources for Families

With each of our initiatives, we continue to explore, question, research, and promote viable solutions that will strengthen families and improve the lives of children affected by parental incarceration.

NEW! Online Resources for Eating Well, Staying Active and Continuing Education During Social Isolation During COVID-19

YMCA Summer Camp

CIC has partnered with the YMCA to obtain scholarships for youth ages 8-12 with a parent in prison to attend a weeklong summer camp.

For more information and to register your child, please call Mary Britts at 651-292-4132, or email at

International Research

CIC looks to international initiatives for best practices, impactful laws, and successful programming. We recognize that foreign governments and organizations are conducting extensive research and creating cutting-edge programs with the goal of promoting the best interests of children whose parents are incarcerated. Such programs inform and inspire CIC’s advocacy efforts.