For Attorneys

Our fact sheet on Alternatives to Parental Incarceration highlights innovative alternatives that strengthen families, promote public safety, and reduce the costs of criminal justice and corrections.

Our handout on Sentencing Departures reviews the Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines, Minnesota case law, and the basis for considering parental status as a factor supporting a dispositional departure.

Our Sentencing Checklist lists steps that attorneys can take to help advocate for clients with minor children.

Our fact sheet on the Impact of Incarceration on Children & Adolescents details the lasting consequences that incarceration has on children, families, and communities.

The 2017 CIC Report summarizes the most recent research on the harms of parental incarceration.

For Community Members

Our Resource Guide for Families lists organizations in the Twin Cities that offer services to currently incarcerated people, formerly incarcerated people re-entering the community, and/or their family members.

For Educators

Our Resource Guide for Educators contains tips to assist teachers and administrators whose students have experienced parental incarceration.