Angela Rose Myers

Angela Rose Myers is the former President of the Minneapolis NAACP and is pursuing her Master of Human Rights degree at the University of Minnesota. After graduating from Barnard College of Columbia University in New York City, she returned to her hometown of Minneapolis looking to make a change in her community through meaningful relationship building, research, and political activism. After connecting with the Minneapolis NAACP, she quickly rose to the position of 2nd Vice President and was elected its President in November 2020 at 25, making her one of the youngest NAACP Adult Branch Presidents in the nation. She has worked with and built relationships with many local community groups on issues of reproductive justice, environmental justice, changing the criminal legal system, and ending police brutality. She has traveled worldwide, engaging scholars on social justice issues and public policy, most notably helping coordinate the 5th World Conference on Racial and Ethnic Economic Inequalities in Vitoria, Brazil. As a social justice advocate and researcher, her goals are to create bridges between Black communities, policymakers, and scholars.