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YWCA Girls RAP (Resolution and Prevention) is an empowerment program for girls ages 12-18 who are currently involved with or at risk of involvement with the juvenile justice system.

This weekly program meets after school for 12 weeks at the downtown Minneapolis YWCA. Each meeting is two hours long and covers a variety of topics. It’s completely free, including transportation and a meal during each meeting. Girls sharpen skills that help them build positive relationships with peers and adults. After completing the 12 weeks, girls receive a graduation ceremony and a year-long YWCA membership.

Navigating Girlhood can be Tough

Girls RAP takes a social-emotional approach to girls’ wellbeing. Its curriculum promotes healthy decision-making, emotional regulation, conflict resolution, and more. Topics grow in complexity as the session progresses. For example, an early Girls RAP meeting might be about building healthy friendships, while future meetings could include communicating with authority figures, family relationships, and sexual health.

How it Works

Each session of Girls RAP is structured as a cohort to promote bonding. At the start of the session, each girl identifies a goal. Over the next 12 weeks, she works toward that goal with the help of a dedicated case manager. Girls RAP partners with Blue & White Taxi to provide free transportation to girls participating in Girls RAP. A free, healthy meal is also included with each meeting.

Life-Changing Results

> 92% of Girls RAP graduates demonstrated an increased understanding of the impact and consequences of their behaviors and alternatives for expressing and managing anger

> 72% of Girls RAP graduates demonstrated a positive attitude toward school and learning

Beyond 12 Weeks

After completing the 12 weeks of Girls RAP, the girls have a graduation ceremony and are presented with a one-year YWCA membership. Graduates are welcome to visit to the YWCA RAP room during after-school drop-in hours Monday through Thursday. Whether girls want homework help, assistance finding a job, or just a safe space to relax and unwind after school, the resources and staff at the RAP room are there for them.

In addition, Girls RAP hosts monthly graduate groups for girls who have completed the program. These monthly meetings include a free meal and free transportation, as well as fun games and activities.

CIC & Girls RAP

CIC is proud to be a referral source for YWCA Girls RAP. We are working together to empower youth and provide supportive services to girls affected by parental incarceration.

In 2022, CIC connected two girls to Girls RAP. They graduated from the program and reported having a positive experience.

A new session of Girls RAP begins on April 4, and youth in the CIC Connects network are invited to participate! Its meetings will be held on Tuesdays from 4 to 6 pm between April 4 and June 20, 2023.

Email for further information or to facilitate a referral. Girls must be between ages 12 to 18 during the program.


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